Routing & Switching

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Enterprise network architecture simplifies Cisco IT and makes possible new business opportunities with an open, programmable network approach.

Modern networks continue to evolve, to adapt, to the changing way in which organizations conduct their daily activities. Now users expect instant access to the resources of a company, at any time, anywhere.These resources include not only traditional data but also video and voice. There is also a growing need for collaborative technologies that allow resource sharing in real time between several people in remote sites as if they were in the same physical location.

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Different devices should work together seamlessly to provide fast, secure and reliable connection between hosts. LAN switches provide the connection point to the corporate network to end users and are also primarily responsible for the control of information within the LAN environment. Routers facilitate the transmission of information between LANs.

This infrastructure should be designed, implemented and carefully managed to provide a stable platform necessary for daily activities.