White Noise

Does listening to your co-aside does not allow you to concentrate when you're on a call?, Do your employees from the Marketing complain about the noise?

We are representatives and installers of the Canadian company Soft dB, leaders in manufacturing Sound Masking (White Noise) Smart SMS with intelligent system equipment, which is a system used in office environments in open areas to increase speech privacy.

In open areas, sound is transmitted more easily, there are no doors or windows to block propagation. The conversations are clearly audible, which bothers close colleagues and even the most distant. Sound masking improves acoustic comfort in open areas, reducing the distraction radius of conversations from 40 to 15 feet.

White noise is a noise whose amplitude is constant throughout the audible frequency range. It is described as "white" by analogy with white light is a mixture of all wavelengths of visible light. White noise is fairly easy to produce - often occurs with a random noise generator in which all frequencies are equally probables-. The sound of white noise is similar to the sound of steam escaping from an overheated radiator. The ear is aware of a lot of high-frequency sounds in white noise, because the ear is more sensitive to high frequencies.