Structured Cabling

The decision you make today regarding the structured cabling for your company, is a mayor conditional on your business tomorrow. In today’s world the proper functioning of a company is based on its internal and external communications.

In IDIT we know and that’s why we have the support of the best brands and the most qualified and the most comprehensive measures to ensure and certify your network for a minimum period of 22 years, by IDIT and the manufacturer.

Cooper Cabling

A Structured Cabling System (SCS) is a set of cabling products, connectors and communications equipment that integrates the services of data, voice and video in some cases, including other management systems within a building such as ; alarm systems, access control, etc.


Optical Fiber

Optical fiber is a transmission medium, usually employed in data networks, consisting of a very thin thread of a transparent material, glass or plastics, through which light pulses representing the data to be transmitted are sent. The light beam is completely confined and propagates inside the fiber at an angle of reflection above the critical angle of total reflection, according to Snell's law. The light source can be laser or LED.